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It is true that not everyone can get into London to receive the very best support for anxiety issues. Nor can everyone pay the fees that a Harley Street practitioner charges. Shaan wants to ensure that as many people as possible have access to the solutions so he has launched a series of online programs. 


From only £19.97 you can have access to Shaan's personalised membership area and then for each month you need his help, it is only £9.97 per month. This offers incredible value for money and is evidence of Shaan's commitment to helping as many people as possible to lose anxiety from their life. 


So what do you get for your money? 

Check out below for more details: 

  • Your Personal Welcome from Shaan

    Here you will receive a welcome video from me where I will explain what you can expect from this membership site.  

  • A course you can visit as often as you need

    You can go through the course as quickly, or as slowly as you like. Each session is designed to be easy to fit into your busy day and you can revisit it as often as you like. 

  • Direct access to Shaan White

    You will be invited to group webinar sessions where you can ask Shaan anything you like.  You will also be able to interact with other people who struggle with anxiety and share your ideas, get support and friendship (only if you want to of course)

Your Membership Package

What could your membership area hold for you?

This program can really change your life. 


You do not have to live with anxiety and one of the country's leading experts is now offering personalised, online programs to stop your stress. 


Instead of paying up to £500 per hour for his personal service in his Harley Street clinic or £175.00 for 1:1 via Zoom,  you can buy Shaan's expert help and have access to him in regular, monthly webinars, for only £19.97 and then £9.97 per month for as long as you need him for.


The power of a better you is inside your mind. Shaan White has the key to unlocking it and wants to work with you to make it happen. 

Here's What You Get Every Month From Me For Just £9.97 per Month In Your Anxiety Away Private Members Area

  • Interact With Me And Your Fellow Community 

    Let's face it not many people really understand what it's like to have anxiety and sometimes we all need someone to interact with and get inspired by others similar to us. For as long as you're a member you can be part of an ever growing community and post, comment and share your thoughts on the various videos in the course.

  • Complete Access To Shaan's Mindful Moments

    As mentioned before these short, sharp videos cover a range of different topics and they are all inspired by you. Maybe there's a topic you want me to record a video on. I'll take that suggestion on-board and record a video. There is currently 52 weeks of content in your members area to browse through. Use these videos for quick support, motivation and stay tuned for new videos coming in every month.

  • Monthly Live Interactive Webinars

    Every month you and I will jump on a live zoom call. Zoom enables you appear anonymously, show your face via webcam or dial in from a phone. This super-easy flexible way of getting support is unheard of in my industry. I'll work with whatever issue you have. My goal is to work with as many of you as I can and make sure we get you up and running again. In some cases my private 1:1 clients have resolved their issues in 1 one hour session. Here we'll stay on for between 1-2 hours depending on what get's stirred up.

  • Enjoy Your Own Private Library Of Calm

    For as long as you are a member you can visit the Library Of Calm area where you will find a selection of my own private  tracks that I listen to on a regular basis. These videos are from YouTube and from people that I hold in high esteem. However I have only picked and added the best of the best. This means you are getting access to the very BEST and most CURRENT information on how to live a better more fulfilled life. There are special calm relaxing music tracks for your own personal meditation, tracks recorded by my mentors on how to live fully in all areas of your life. Consider this as something to dip into after a hard day at work and another way to unwind. Also you are getting a different viewpoint other than me which keeps things fresh and exciting. 


Stop your anxiety in 30 days with Shaan White, The Anxiety Expert

£19.97 initial payment and then £9.97 per month for as

long as you need me for

This is a limited edition, personalized Anxiety Away program from Harley Street expert,

Shaan White.


You will receive your own Anxiety Away program, tailor made for you by Shaan White

personally.  In it you will have up to six weeks of training programs, grouped into simple to

 understand sessions. The more time you spend following Shaan's guidance, the more

success you are likely to experience. 

100% Privacy.  We are working to GDPR and will never share your details, will only communicate with you about

Shaan White and the services that he offers, and will store your details in an encrypted server. You will be able

to unsubscribe at any time.

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