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What Do I Get?

Free Mobile App For As Long As You Are A Member

Your free mobile app enables you to track sets, reps and much more besides. This is invaluable in keeping progress of what you are doing and how you are performing

Follow Along Exercise Videos

Every exercise comes with follow along video instruction so you know exactly what you are doing and how to accomplish each exercise. You can also upload your own video of you doing your exercise to compare and contrast. 

Fortnightly Live Zoom Mindset Motivation Calls

These fortnightly calls over zoom are completely free for you. Most people who workout have mindset issues like: fear of going to the gym, resistance to working out, depressed, stressed out. You get it. On these calls I'll listen to you and help you process your present thoughts and give you the space to talk. Really that's all we need. So few of us have no-one to talk too, but you will now. These live calls are priceless. 

Workouts Pre-Built Into Calendar

Your workouts are pre-built into your very own calendar which will prompt you on which workout you have to do and any accompanying notes you need. No more guess work required. Just plug and play and get notified when your next workout begins.

Ready To Check This Out!!

Start your journey today for less than the cost of a personal training session with me and for as long as you are a member you get access to world class fortnightly calls direct with me. I can't wait to meet you and help you. Cancel your membership anytime you want.

$20.00 per month

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